Checkout 51


Checkout 51 is an app that allows you to receive rebates when you buy certain items from a variety of stores. So this nifty little app is a lot like the iBotta app (Click here to see my post about iBotta), so I won’t duplicate a lot content here, but I will say that I really like using the two apps in conjunction because quite often when what I’m shopping for isn’t on the iBotta app, I can find a refund on Checkout 51, or vice versa.

What I love:

  • You can sign up and use Checkout 51 on a computer or you can use the app on a mobile device. I mostly use the mobile app because it’s so much more convenient, but it’s nice to have the computer option.
  • They refresh the app and give you new offers each week.
  • A lot of the offers are things I’m already buying, so that’s awesome!
  • Notifications!!!! – This might drive some of you mad, but you can turn on notifications and the app will tell you when you can get $2 back on granola bars, or $0.75 back on bananas, etc.
  • Unlike iBotta, you can buy your items at pretty much any store and get the rebate. With iBotta you are limited by where you can purchase your goods.

What I don’t love:

  • I’m not always a “name-brand” kind of guy so it kinda bothers me that a lot of what this app offers discounts/rebates on are name brand products.
  • No shopping list feature. I’m not a fan of having to scroll through the whole list of offers to find what I want.

All in all, you should definitely try out Checkout 51!

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