Okay, if you haven’t heard about iBotta yet, where have you been? This is seriously an app I use all the time. I own an iPhone and I used to create a shopping list in my Notes app. But now, I just type in my shopping list into the iBotta app, where I plan on shopping, and the app tells me which of my purchases qualifies for a rebate. Most of the time the rebates are nothing huge…$0.25 here, $0.50 there but that adds up quick! Then when you want to cash in your rebates (you have to have a minimum of $20) you just choose how you want your moolah. PayPal? Sure! Target gift card? Okay. Have a craving for Olive Garden? Cash out and get a gift card. And there are lots and lots of options! Plus you get all sorts of bonuses in the app when you use it. For first timers you get $5 just for joining. And if you enter in my code, I get a fiver too! Yes, that is a shameless plug, but I’m not to proud!

Here’s my code: mhmxtne.

iBotta has even made it fun to shop. Once you join, you become part of a team of shoppers. For instance, if you use my code above, you are on my team. Then there are team goals like, “If you’re team redeems 5 rebates this week, everyone on the team get’s an extra $2!” Pretty cool! There you go bargain hunters! Download iBotta today (and use my code please).

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