Black Friday, Cyber Monday…what treasures did you find?

The big question today is, “Did you brave the crowds and shop during the madness”


I’m going to admit something that I probably shouldn’t on this blog, but here goes: I stayed home this year!

Don’t judge! The past two years I’ve just seen the dark seedy side of humanity when a bargain is involved and I just couldn’t stomach it this year. So instead I stayed home and shopped online (see? I was still bargain hunting. Now, don’t you feel silly for judging me?!)

I found some Amazon…I mean amazing deals. I’ve wanted a drone for awhile so I splurged and got myself one. Normally $150, marked down to $75 thank you very ┬ámuch!

The not-so-big question of the day is this:

What bargains did you find? Leave a comment below!

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