Here’s a real bargain…handyman services!!!

Okay, so I know this is a blog dedicated to the art of the bargain, but I have to tell you about something that has happened in the past couple months.

First, our washing machine died. Then a line in our backyard sprinkling system broke. Next, we had an incident with a leak in the house that caused the fire alarms to go off incessantly for about 45 minutes (I panicked and called the fire department because I wasn’t sure what to do…). And, whoever did the lightening in our house did a poor job because we have 5 rooms where at least one of the lights keeps flickering. Finally, the wooden banister going downstairs popped off!

Ahhhh, the joys of being a home-owner, right?!

I guess I shouldn’t complain. I’m VERY grateful to have a roof over my head, but DANG it can get expensive when you have to call a plumber, landscaper, appliance repair guy, and a carpenter!!! They all charge a set up fee + hours + materials. It adds up really quick.

I was complaining to a buddy of mine and he said, “That’s why I hire a handy man.” I had heard of handymen but why hadn’t I ever thought to call on one? It makes so much sense. I live in Southern Utah so when you hire a handy man St. George Utah you only pay 1 set up fee! That alone could save hundreds of dollars. But typically they charge a lot less than the other guys. They have a wide variety of expertise, and they are quick – if you hire a good one.
Be sure to hire one who is licensed and insured. I did some research and have found a GREAT handyman! You can even check out his website if you like:

He’s amazing!

Again, I know this is a bargain blog, but this definitely felt like a bargain to me!

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