This is another great app you should download if you are a serious coupon guru.

What it is:

Retale is a great way to find local deals. It allows you to select the stores you love to shop at then will update each week with deals and coupons from those stores. You know how you get those ad flyers in the mail? Well, Retale is a way to organize them all into one place without having to find a place to keep all the paper.

What I love:

  • It is very user friendly and intuitive.
  • I only have to see the ads I care about. No more sifting through the newspaper to find the ad from Michael’s (yeah, I’m kinda crafty).
  • I can save the coupons I really want in a “Coupons” section of the app.
  • The ability to create a shopping list from inside the app and have the app do all the work of finding me a coupon! I can’t say enough good things about that. I love this feature!

What I don’t love:

  • Lets see…um…there’s got to be something…Nope. I love this app.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are a compulsive coupon-aholic, this app may not be robust enough for you, but for the day to day purchases you’re going to be making, I think this app deserves 5 stars.

Check out Retale in the Apple app store or Android market place.

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